Friday, March 24, 2006

The Siamese Twins, Illegal Immigration and Abortion

Commentary by Martin Kelly
February 23, 2005

For as long as illegal immigration exists, so, too, will the practice of abortion. Kill illegal immigration, and abortion would wither on the vine.

The relationship between illegal immigration and abortion is almost symbiotic. The fate of one depends on the fate of the other. They are Siamese twins who share a vital organ – the need of ‘The State’ to replenish its numbers; after all, ‘The State’ must have rulers, and rulers must have people to rule.

The election of legislators and executives are acts of delegation. The principal drawback of libertarianism is its belief that each man can be his own government. While government should be small and unobtrusive, the nature of nations possessing clearly defined borders and populations bound by shared history is that there are some functions, the defence of the realm and its foreign affairs, which require to be administered collectively. These functions are delegated to legislators and executives, and the equipment necessary for the performance of these collective functions is provided from levies on all citizens.

That’s great in theory. The problem, as Ronald Reagan often said, is that once government is handed a function to perform, it has a tendency to grow. The nature of the relationship between the citizens and their delegates’ changes. The citizens start referring to their servants as ‘The Government’. ‘The Government’ becomes an entity to which the citizen must justify himself, even down to his smallest, most inconsequential transactions. ‘The Government’ permits itself the privilege of spying on the citizens, often using the mantra ‘Security’ to justify its impertinence.

In time, the sheer size to which ‘The Government’ has grown means it has attained a critical mass at which it transforms itself into an anti-democratic leviathan – ‘The State’.

According to some writers, like Lew Rockwell, this has already happened in the USA.

Rockwell has estimated that the tipping point for this change occurred in 1994, and the Republicans’ gaining control of Congress. Before that, conservatives had been happy to accept the conventional wisdom that ‘The Government’ should be small. However, the behaviour of congressional Republicans since 1994 has illustrated that they have the same appetites as the Democrats for pork, waste and, above all else, control.

But they’re Republicans! That makes it all OK!

Not really. The worst manifestation of love of ‘The State’ that Rockwell, Paul Craig Roberts, Shane Cory and others have recorded is the level of venom directed by Republican supporters of George W. Bush towards anyone who dares to question his competence and the efficacy of his policies. Such viciousness does not become supporters of the party of Dutch Reagan.

But to survive, ‘The State’, needs one thing – it must replenish its numbers.

Child rearing is probably the most uneconomic method that could be devised for the maintenance of ‘The State’. ‘The State’ needs fully-formed adults, ready to work and pay taxes to pay for delegates and to provide services; infant children take just way too long to get into the system.

Also, the very fact of children’s existence distracts their parents from their primary function, which is the service of ‘The State’. ‘The State’ just can’t handle the competition generated by a scraped knee, a loose tooth or a request for a bedtime story.

Children, therefore, are the enemies of ‘The State’. ‘The State’ has no problem abetting their elimination. But if the purposes of ‘The State’ are inimical to the interests of children, how will it replenish its numbers? Where will it get the people?

The answer is, from anywhere. One of the most important functions delegated to ‘The State’ is the regulation of its borders – if the greater interests of ‘The State’ dictate that it should subvert or ignore its own laws on border control in order to satisfy its greater purpose of replenishing its numbers, so be it.

The more people to rule, the better. The more people available to feed ‘The State’ its tribute, called taxation, the better. The more people available to fight in the specious wars ‘The State’ declares in order to keep the people in a state of fear and to cement its control over them with the security apparatuses they fund, the better.

If illegal immigration were halted, ‘The State’ would need to find another way of keeping its numbers up. Very suddenly, almost immediately, all funding would be withdrawn from pro-choice groups and there would be an explosion of propaganda in favour of marriage and family values.

‘The State’ would get its numbers up – it would just need to wait awhile.

Do not expect any substantive action on either illegal immigration or abortion for the foreseeable future.