Friday, March 24, 2006

The Moral Bankruptcy of Tony Blair

Commentary by Martin Kelly
December 20, 2004

Tony Blair is morally bankrupt.

In order to take the United Kingdom into the Iraq war, he would have required to give Her Majesty the Queen false intelligence at their weekly briefing.

As someone who once revelled in the title ‘neoconservative’, I now think that both Blair and Bush knew that it was false before they started this adventure.

It takes real nerve to lie to a monarch, even a toothless one like Elizabeth II. But you have to be morally bankrupt to lie to a 77-year old woman about wars being proposed in her name.

His government has been shown to be a foul nest of chancers, time and time again. The culture of any organisation is dictated by its leadership; when it is so thoroughly morally bankrupt as Blair’s, there is only one reasonable conclusion to draw; that it is a moral bankruptcy that has duplicated from the head down.

The office he holds is barred to Roman Catholics – the Act of Settlement is still in force. Blair is married to a Catholic, he worships in a Catholic church, and every once in a while there are rumours that he is planning to convert away from Anglicanism. The last such rumour was in October.

Having married a Catholic, one assumes he has received sacramental marriage. One of the conditions of sacramental marriage being given to a mixed couple is that all children of the marriage must be raised as Catholics. When the last rumours were doing the rounds in October, the website of Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News carried a report saying that three of his four children have been baptised into the Church.

My guess is that it is his youngest child, Leo, aged four, that’s the odd one out.

Looks like a Prime Minister can sire papists before he enters Downing Street – but it’s a different story once they step behind the black door.

On December 14, David Lammy, the Minister for Constitutional Affairs, gave one of the worst parliamentary performances on record, when steering the Mental Capacity Bill through the House of Commons. The critical issue in the Bill was the status to be afforded to ‘living wills’; many were concerned that enforceable living wills could lead to euthanasia. The UK now has a permanently embedded class of affluent trash, who would have no hesitation in switching off their parents’ life support machines if it speeded up the distribution of their inheritances. Lammy repeatedly referred to ‘assurances’ given in ‘letters’ that had not been put before the House that it was not the government’s intention to use the Bill as means of introducing euthanasia by the back door. It later transpired that they were between Lammy’s boss Lord Falconer and the Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff. It was a performance of staggering ineptitude driven by the arrogance of moral bankruptcy.

Blair’s politics are best described as neoconservatism by proxy. His government scandals are neoconservative by proxy in nature - Bernard Kerik stood down over the immigration status of his nanny; Blair has lost one of his most dutiful retainers in a row over somebody else’s.

On December 15, David Blunkett, the authoritarian thug whom Blair had made Home Secretary, resigned. For the past three weeks the public life of a mature democracy has been stalled, in a time of war, because its Home Secretary has been engaged in a very public feud with his exotic former mistress.

As Leader of Sheffield City Council, Blunkett flew the red flag from the town hall. Bogus asylum-seekers are to be discouraged – it takes only the most hard-hearted to say that asylum-seekers’ children should be separated from their families and taken into care. Blunkett did. For three years Blunkett presided over the night and fog dungeon of London’s Belmarsh Prison, where terror suspects are held without trial for years, a detention policy declared illegal by our highest court the day after his resignation. His most recent initiative has been the introduction of compulsory identity cards, now endorsed by those ever undisciplined, unprincipled, unethical and unimpressive losers, the leadership of the Parliamentary Conservative Party

Several years ago, he commenced an affair with Kimberly Fortier Quinn, the Californian publisher of the scandal-mired ‘Spectator’. The affair started four months after Quinn’s wedding to another man. A child was born in 2002 – there is a presumption of paternity in her husband’s favour. She ended the affair several months ago, during a second pregnancy now nearing its end.

Since then, Blunkett has admitted giving Quinn a railway travel warrant intended for his own use, paid for by the taxpayer and worth about $360. He has resigned because it became clear that his private office had passed a residency application by Quinn’s nanny, Leoncia Casalme, to the immigration authorities, an action of which he had said he had no knowledge.

I practiced as a lawyer in Scotland for seven years, and the vast bulk of my practice was family law. I have never come across a litigant who has done what Blunkett has done, launching a paternity suit in respect of a child borne to a woman who, at the time of the child’s birth, was married to another man.

That is the morally bankrupt pathology of a stalker.

In his reply to Blunkett’s resignation letter, Blair described him as ‘a force for good in British politics’.

The most extreme form of parliamentary procedure is the Parliament Act, to be used for only the gravest business. In 2000, Blair used it to ensure that the homosexual age of consent was lowered from 18 to 16 – the act of a morally bankrupt man. He sits in a Catholic Church, surrounded by the message of life and does nothing to halt or slow down abortion.

On December 16, the foolish and stubborn Geoff Hoon, Secretary of State for Defence, made the Rumsfeldian announcement of regimental amalgamations and troop cuts, in a time of war. Hoon denied that these were cuts; instead, the role of the forces is being ‘redefined’.

In a land where the distribution of public resources is more important than private property, individual liberty and the rule of law, one can be sure that the imminent demise of Black Watch, the Royal Scots, the King’s Own Scottish Borderers’ and all the other regiments affected will ensure that some more resources are made available for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, the first battalion of Her Majesty’s Abortionists.
Tony Blair is not fit to be Prime Minister. A man cannot be trusted with his country when he cannot be trusted with his infant child’s soul.