Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Horror of Neoconservatism

Commentary by Martin Kelly
September 22, 2004

“F--- Saddam. We’re taking him out”

The Daily Telegraph reported on September 18 that the above statement, allegedly a direct quotation, was President Bush’s response to suggestions made in early 2002 that any Iraq War would be sowing the wind.

Writers like Pat Buchanan and Paul Craig Roberts are right to label the adherents of the neoconservative movement as ‘Jacobins’, fanatics for power, spiritual descendants of the upper classes who directed the reign of terror following the French Revolution, willing to damn with a spot of ink, willing to trash the bona fides of those who speak against them. As a recanted and repenting neoconservative, I suppose that makes me a Jacobin too.

After these fanatical Jacobins gained power in 2000, to what use did they put it? They inherited a country at its peak, its people keen to return to normality after the previous two months. Listening to George W. Bush’s inauguration, I was struck by his appeal for a civil society, but its reality has been war, bloodshed and the promotion of vested interests and hidden agendas. The boyhood stories I read about the ancient Greeks called the times before The Age of Heroes the Three Ages of Man – The Golden Age, when all was peace; The Silver Age, when all was brutish; and The Bronze Age, when men were intelligent and civilised, but used their skill and learning for nothing but the waging of war, and in the end they killed each other off. The neoconservatives are the true Bronze Men, much more so than any Soviet general. At least you could deter and contain a Soviet general. There is no way to deter a neoconservative, let alone contain them.

They’re not particularly keen on democracy. After Madrid and Jose Maria Aznar’s loss of the election for his lie that the bombing was ETA’s work, they had no hesitation in labelling a people reeling from the shock of a massive terrorist attack as ‘cowards’ and ‘appeasers’. The Spanish appeased nobody. Instead, they refused en masse to be lied to about the identity of those responsible for an attack that killed hundreds of their countrymen.

They don’t bother themselves with whether or not you can support your family by having a job. Like all Jacobins, they are money and power people, many of them, like George W. Bush, the fruit from the top of the social tree. President Bush refers to gatherings of corporate CEO’s as ‘his base’, when there has been no truer word spoken in jest. All the neoconservatives are avid outsourcers, zealots who see the free market as the only way to build prosperity, forgetting that the only thing a free market can do is find its lowest cost. Once an industry has gone to a place where it can be performed at a lower cost than in America it is gone for good and it is never coming back. To these people, your status as an American citizen means nothing. You have certain rules to play by – produce, pay tax, spend money and sell your future to the market. They’ll leave you alone provided you play along with the rules, being good boys and girls, buying duct tape and maxing out your cards to help keep China afloat because one of your Presidents decided he would help the gang of criminals and tyrants who run that country get rich. Hardly Jefferson’s dream.

The Jacobins of the French Revolution ultimately lost because their fanaticism caused them to turn on each other. History isn’t looking good for the neocons, for the same fate awaits them. It is a sin crying out to Heaven for vengeance that they should have shed so much blood in the pursuit of their ambitions. Thank God, their fate is still in your hands come November – if it takes the mass sacking of all known neoconservatives from the Pentagon for the President to proclaim this bloody philosophy dead, and to reclaim the soul and credibility of the Grand Old Party that should be a keeper of all historic, honest and wholesome American values, then he’d better start handing out the dismissal notices.